Investment in Ukraine - Why it is Worthwhile

Ukraine is one of the most stable countries in terms of real estate investment. As the economy is enhancing, the demand on the market gets higher. Let's compare the statistics over the property in other Eastern European countries and discover the main advantages of investing in Ukrainian real estate.

Land and Rent Prices Comparison

The recent survey allowed to consider the prices per sq. meter for luxurious smart apartments in various capitals of the world. According to the market, you may purchase 1 sq. meter of property in Tel Aviv, Israel, for $8600; In Berlin, Germany, it will cost you $6500 per 1 sq. meter. As for Prague, Czech Republic, you have to pay around $5000, while in Warsaw, Poland, the price per 1 sq. meter will be $4100 minimum. Pretty costly for a start in real estate investment.

However, the average price of residential property per 1 sq. meter in Ukraine will be around $1300 only. Due to the demand on the market, all regions, except Donetsk, registered property prices to rise by 2.1% in 2020. Moreover, if to consider the districts away from the center of the capital, the price for 1 sq. meter varies between $600-900, which is affordable for beginners in real estate investors.

As a result, with minimum renovation, the rent for an apartment in Kyiv may bring you $800-1500 of a passive income in a short period of time.

Key Advantages of Investing in Ukrainian Property

he first advantage is location. The heart of the country, Kyiv, holds plenty of opportunities for tourists, investors, and businessmen. Relatively low property and rent prices allow us to run the most ambitious projects in residential and commercial real estate in Ukraine.

Another benefit of Kyiv is its appeal. The city is very picturesque and vibrant at the same time, that's why it attracts 10,7 million tourists annually. It signals the exceptional popularity of Ukraine's capital city among foreigners, which, in turn, makes Kyiv an innovative hub of investments.

Also, consider the low-risk ratio while deciding to invest in Ukrainian real estate. Thus, the price for the rents is rising gradually, which will eventually bring you more profit. For example, the most expensive location in Kyiv is Shevchenkivskyi District, with demands for three-bedroom apartments of around $1200 per month in 2020, followed by Pecherskyi District ($1050 per month), and Obolonskyi District ($820 per month).

Take into account that the prices will grow several times in case you invest in the first stage of construction. Therefore, you will be able to resell the property with a 30% price markup.

Kyiv is the city that can bring you myriads of profits and advantageous experiences. In 2020, the number of foreign investments reached a record level of 39,4% increase in Ukraine for the last 4 years. As you see, Kyiv is rapidly growing and expanding in terms of real estate development and investment attraction.

Concerning residential construction, it has risen significantly during the last 10 years. Thus, according to the State Statistics Service, the number of apartments in Ukraine increased by 1.6% to 17.38 million units in 2019, and the total area of housing stock rose by 1.8% to 1.01 billion sq. meter over the same period.

DGY Investments specializes in purchasing the property out of the most attractive offers in Kyiv. We help smart investors make a solid start and earn a great passive income of more than 15% annually by investing in real estate. Join us to experience the many advantages of investing in the capital of Ukraine and contribute to your wealthy future.

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